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 Like with the DC characters, I've also customized quite a few Marvel heroes!Here you see a custom version of GOLIATH! Made using one of Marvel's 10-inch DAREDEVIL figures!

 Here are some re-painted examples of Toy Biz's SPIDER-MAN foes!

 Some classic characters from Marvel's Silver Age! HAWKEYE was made using a "Super Powers" SUPERMAN! ANT MAN features a generic "ROBOCOP" head, and "Secret Wars" body, and BUCKY is an "animated" ROBIN figure, with another "Secret Wars" body!

 It's another shot of The Avenger's GOLIATH and THE VISION(made from a small-scale SILVER SURFER)

 Here's the early FALCON!Click the "More" button to return to the home page!

 Batman Beyond? No, it's just me in a home-made "BB" costume for Halloween!